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TSD's Summer Select Program gives soccer players around the area the opportunity to participate in a competitive player-centered summer program through a 6 week period. The Summer Select Teams will be coached by one of TSD's professional & licensed coach. 

TSD is seeking competitive & serious soccer players from all over the area who are looking to gain experience with high level coaches & players from all over NJ. At TSD, we thrive to create a positive developmental training & game environment for all players. Our training sessions are technically and tactically driven. Our goal is to create a high intensity environment where our players are constantly playing in activities that simulate the game-like situations. 

Our training program & game day coaching will include the four fundamental components of soccer (technical, tactical, physical and mental). At TSD, we understand that players must have a high level of technical, tactical, and physical component to succeed. But we also highly value the mental component: TSD coaches have a clear understanding of our players psychologically level of development, which gears our sessions to their appropriate level. TSD players are encouraged and rewarded for hard work ethic, teamwork, cooperation, and managing situations properly. 


The TSD Summer Select Program is for players who want to participate & play on a team through TSD's 6 week summer program. Below you will find further information on our Summer Select Program. 

For any further questions please contact us: 




  • 6 Week summer program

  • 2 Practices per week (12 sessions)

  • 2 Tournaments

  • Weekly Goalkeeping training (6 GK sessions)

  • 2 Training shirts 

  • 2 Game jerseys (home & away)

  • Shorts

  • Socks

Cost: $499 (includes all above) 


  • All USSF Licensed coaches

  • All former DI, DII & DIII players/coaches

  • All coaches will share the same philosophy & training ideology 





Valid until canceled

5 Week Summer Program

2 Practices per Week (10 sessions)

2 Tournaments : 6/29- Mt. Olive Cup, 7/20- Greystone Cup

Weekly Goalkeeping Training (5 GK sessions)

2 Game Jerseys (Home & Away)



All USSF Licensed Coaches

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