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    • 6 Week Summer Program
    • 2 Practices per Week (12 sessions)
    • 2 Tournaments : 6/29- Mt. Olive Cup, 7/20- Greystone Cup
    • Weekly Goalkeeping Training (6 GK sessions)
    • 2 Game Jerseys (Home & Away)
    • Shorts
    • Socks
    • All USSF Licensed Coaches
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TSD offers opportunities to have year round trainers working with your teams. Our TSD staff member will develop a program that will help enhance the overall abilities of your players and team!

For more information, email us at!


TSD Group Training sessions are designed for the most serious and dedicated player. These will be intense sessions designed to improve all aspects of your game. The low player to coach ratio will allow more of a personal training focus. 

Each session will be an hour and we aim for each player to have the ball at their feet for at least 50 of those minutes. In this time we expect each player to touch the ball in excess of 1,000 times. 

For more information, email us at!


TSD provides individual sessions for players aged 8 through 18. Our trainers will take design a program for each player to follow. This will include drills for the player to be doing on their own time to maximize the development. Without this work on the players own, development will take longer. Therefore these sessions are designed for the most dedicated of soccer players.


Individual sessions gives our trainers a better opportunity to fix technical problems your player may have and increase players confidence on the ball!

For more information, email us at!

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